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AFEX (African Experience Festival) is a festival organized by community partner organizations that have far reaching goals including preserving and maintaining African arts and heritage experiences through cultural education, art and dance classes and exhibitions; encouraging community members to live a healthy lifestyle through sports, cooking classes and healthy eating habits; ensuring the safety and security of citizens through education; mentoring programs for youth and young adults; creating creative spaces for local artists/professionals to showcase their talent and works when they would otherwise not have the opportunities to do so. Showcases include art, music, spoken word, sports and others. Providing volunteering hours and helping people build skills in leadership, team management, event and project management and others. Ultimately, building stronger and healthier communities.


Our mission is  cultural education. We want people to experience Africa – the peoples, art, culture, way of life. Using interactive programming, we hope to create an understanding of what Africa means and what it represents. Part of our mission includes:

  • Bring Africans together to showcase our rich cultural heritage
  • Building a stronger and Healthier Community
  • Educating the world about Africa


  • Telling the African story from an African perspective
  • Coalescing efforts to create innovative and forward thinking ideas for the Pan- African continent
  • Educating the world about Africa to create a better understanding of its peoples, culture, art and history
  • Showcasing the talents, skills and vocations that exist among Africans

We Need You ! Volunteer with AFEX

AFEX depends on volunteers and donors like you to ensure we offer the quality of programming we put out during the year of the festival. AFEX is usually in June but the partner organizations of AFEX also organize community focused events throughout the year. You can support the festival by:

  • volunteering in one of the departments

  • sponsoring an event during the festival year

  • suggesting an idea

  • donating towards activities

  • acting as an ambassador to promote the mission and vision of the festival

The festival is volunteer-driven and every fund donated goes towards festival activities. As the festival is governed by non-profit bodies, accounting is provided to Boards of Directors, partner organizations, funding bodies and by request to donors.

We appreciate your support. Thank you.



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Kick off the African Experience Festival with a screening of films made by local and International filmmakers from Africa. This mini 1 day film showcase will officially open the festival. Africa in the movies will hold at Alliance Francaise - Spadina Theatre - 24 Spadina Road Toronto.

movie3 movie4

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africa_culture_02The festival continues the day after with a digital exhibition. This is a curation of African art and history in digital pictures. See African people through the ages, art, history, natural resources, cities, textiles and other works. This portion of the festival holds at the grounds of the prestigious North York Civic Centre on Monday June 13 from 10 am to 3 pm.
chef_guy_dongue_02Food is a large aspect of the African culture. Enjoy a sumptuous 3 course menu learned from a French trained Chef.

June 14, 2016 6pm to 8pm

This year, AFEX is showcasing Chef Guy Dongue, a Cameroonian Chef with French influences to wow guests with his culinary delights that present a fusion of his traditional and French influences. Chef Guy will be teaching some of his well received recipes to a small class in a unique opportunity as part of AFEX in his newly opened Toronto kitchen studio. Students will expect to have a hands on experience learning courses like: sorghum crepe with mango salsa cheese grilled plantain yam gnocchi with spicy tomato sauce and the Chef has promised.. a secret cocktail recipe Register before classes fill up. See you at Chef's Palate.
pixAfrican Youth from across the Greater Toronto Area discuss issues affecting them in a discussion forum. Discussions will include understanding culture and diversity, experiences of immigrant students in North America and ways to connect effectively with each other to create a community of professionals.
multi_cultureJune 14 sees members of the AFEX team visiting schools under the TDSB and TCDSB to have a presentation and demonstration about the need to understand diversity and tolerance. Canada is a friendly, multicultural country that welcomes people from all over the world and as Canadians we represent the ideal of multiculturalism. During visits, team members will have interactive presentations with teachers and students. Activities may include African head wrap sessions and drama/role playing. This year, we will visit the Africentric Alternative School.
africa_soccerJoin thousands of Africans to cheer groups of African men as they play to win the coveted AFEX Soccer Team of the Year award. Nothing brings Africans together more than the love of sports. This friendly game of football will have an atmosphere of fun, laughter, sports and camaraderie. Come cheer a friend, colleague or stranger as they sweat out to victory. The digital art and history exhibition will also hold at the Mel Lastman Square.
africa_culture_03Experience the best of Africa in an outdoor festival with authentic food, good music, dance and games. This free event will attract thousands of people from all over Canada to celebrate African culture at the Mel Lastman Square in Toronto. Eat something new, buy a unique African item as a keepsake, win a game of oware (ayo), learn how to tie géle (the African head wrap), storytelling and face painting for kids, dance and listen to good music and make new friends at this family event...all at AFEX 2016.


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